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Bratty Foot Girls - Jolene's Foot Slave

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Goddess Jolene's Stinky Foot Slave - Mp4 in HD

Goddess Jolene has just returned from a hard long run in the hot Nevada sun. She is tired, sweaty and her shoes feel like a slimy cesspool of stinky-ness. She comes into the room with her slave tied up and waiting. She makes him Sniff her feet through her sneakers before reoving them and shoving his face hard into the inside soles..making his nose burn from the stench. The smell overpowers him but Goddess Jolene doesn't care..She destroys him verbally as she humiliates him with her feet. She removes her sopping wet socks and shoves them into his mouth, then rams her sweaty soles right onto his nose to ensure all he can breathe is her essence. She removes the socks and decides it's time for him to clean the dirt and sweat from her feet. She shoves her toes into his mouth, making him clean between each and every toe, she runs her soles along his tongue as he licks them clean. Goddess jolene is in complete control and sub ninja knows it. She is superior in every way. She makes him thank her before sending him on his way.

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